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Nutrition for the Athlete First Responder (AFR)

Our Heroes Fund has made it one of its’ top priorities to provide a comprehensive clearinghouse for the dissemination of the best nutritional resources available to the first responder.  Often the overlooked part of the triangle to health and fitness, nutrition is the key ingredient in maintaining the health of the athlete-first responder.  We will promote and further any and all measures that will help the AFR (athlete first responder) achieve and maintain the highest levels of nutrition for his/her job function.  It is vital to note that some nutrition tenants are universally accepted and non-debateable:  ie, smoking is bad for your health.  Excess drinking of alcohollic beverages is counter productive. Stress and lack of sleep can have negative consequences.  Howwever, when it comes to nutrition there are many paths to health that can be taken.  Every individual has dfferent physiology and chemical balances.  geneology and envirnmental factors only add to the complexity.  But at the end of the day, OHF will attempt to simply encourage thought and provide options and information.  We want all of you as the AFR to give us your input and tell us what works for you, and what hasnt worked for you.  Here is an interesting article to kick off the forum.  We welcome your comments and thougths.  Were not the experts, we just want all of you to know where to look for the experts and see what they have to say to make all of our nutritional needs that much more understandable.
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