Our Heroes Fund is a 501(C)(3) non-profit run by veterans that supports first responders. Through education, training and donations we honor the service of those that serve.


HELP A HERO NIGHT was a great success! We want to thank all of the amazing companies and people who donated prizes and items for our fundraiser and allowed us to raise over $10,000 for our heroes in need!  We have an amazing cadre of supporters, and we could not do it without these incredibly generous companies who back the blue!  The event was to raise proceeds for Hartford CT Police Department Officers Bobby Garten, killed in the line of duty, and Officer Brian Kearney, injured in the same incident.  A special thank you to Kurt Hinds, who is the organizer of this event and has been since its’ inception.  His hard work and tireless commitment to the L/E community is unmatched.  Thank you to all the people and Officers who took time out of your day to come and spend the night with some wonderful folks.  It really was a great night.  Thank you all again!

A Police Officer in need!


First responders are always ready to help out when the call comes. Sometimes, these heroes experience hardship. Our Heroes Fund is there to provide financial assistance in that time of need. Please consider donating to OurHeroesFund.org so that we may help our first responders when they are down. Thank You!