Hero of the Month – February/March 2019

Federal Agent – Department of Energy

A brother Agent from the Department of Energy was critically injured in a traffic accident as the unit returned from training in Oklahoma. The DOE teams have competed in the Connecticut SWAT Challenge and their Agent is still hospitalized and fighting serious back and head trauma. Say a prayer for this warrior and friend.

Hero of the Month – January 2019

Officer Aimee Krzykowski – Berlin CT Police Department

Officer Aimee Krzykowski is a Berlin Connecticut K9 Police Officer who is valiantly battling breast cancer. She is a 14 year veteran of L/E and someone who is a role model for female officers everywhere. All of us have been touched by Cancer in some form or fashion and we cannot rest until we beat this terrible disease that affects so many of our brothers and sisters in blue. Aimee will not quit nor will she let cancer take her love for life and police work.

Hero of the Month – November/December 2018

Sergeant Steve Bresciano – Manchester CT Police Department

Sgt. Steve Bresciano is a veteran of the Manchester CT Police Department. He has competed in the Connecticut SWAT Challenge numerous times and been part of the winning CREST team. But now we must support him in his biggest fight ever, and those of us who know Steve, know he once again will be victorious. Steve is battling cancer and we know he has the support of an entire community behind him. He took on a role this last year volunteering for Our Heroes Fund and the Connecticut SWAT Challenge so we are lucky to have him in our ranks.


About Our “Hero of the Month” Program

Our Heroes Fund is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization, created and run by a board of directors comprised of three service-connected disabled veterans, that aims to promote activities that assist in the health, welfare and operational capabilities of first responders by providing educational and training activities that improve professional proficiencies while advancing and honoring the service and sacrifice of first responders.  We can directly affect these heroes by raising funds through the heartfelt contributions of generous donors like you from across the globe.  The HERO OF THE MONTH is an opportunity for all of you to either nominate a worth recipient, or donate to that hero.  The Hero selected will embody every trait we have come to expect from the men and women who serve and protect this great nation.  Through no fault of their own, they made a sacrifice, often the ultimate sacrifice, or are experiencing a life threatening medical situation, and it is our goal at Our Heroes Fund, to make sure we help as many of them as we can.  We owe that to them.

Our Board will review all the nominees and select a Hero of the Month every month.  The Hero of the Month will then receive 100% of all funds donated and raised for them, directly to them, through Our Heroes Fund.  All a donor has to do is check the box that indicates they want to donate directly to the Hero of the Month. Donations made using a check will be 100% given to the Hero of the Month.  Donations using PayPal will result in a 2.75% charge from them, with the remaining 97.5% going directly to the Hero of the Month. It is our mission to make sure that every dollar donated to a Hero, goes to that Hero.  All donations are tax deductible.  Help us help the heroes that have given this country their all. If we don’t, who will?

To Nominate a Hero of the Month click here.